Friday, May 18, 2012

Food Finds

As promised - here are a couple foodie items y'all might enjoy:

Whole Foods:

SMOKED Seaside Cheddar.  Yes.  I said it.  They found a way to make Seaside Cheddar even better (haha, that rhymes).  I think this might be available at many Whole Foods locations since I know the regular Seaside is also in Ann Arbor.  This cheese is sharp, creamy, and not overly pungent.  Lucky for me, the cheese monger at WF is super nice and always cuts the cheese pieces to the exact size I want.


I've been wanting to try this for a while - but held off because I wanted to get the nutrition facts first.  Stevia is a plant-based, no-calories sweetener.  It IS quite sweet and even though I bought the little packets, I think 1/2 of one will be enough for my coffee.  BTW: I highly suggest trying a little vanilla almond milk in your coffee instead of store-bought creamers.  The milk plus the Stevia gives the perfect combo of creaminess and sweetness - without any guilt :)

Trader Joe's

Cookie Butter

Have you heard of this thing? I tasted it and was shocked that it wasn't a flavored peanut butter: it has the same consistency and is kind of like spreadable gingerbread cookie dough (but not as strong).  I had to get some even though it is not the most healthy thing in my pantry.  Sometimes you need a little junk food in your life.

TJ's Salsa
This salsa is delicious and a wonderful substitute for the big-name brand salsas you pick up in the chip aisle of the grocery store.  It's also cheaper which is kind of shocking...

Cuban Style Black Beans
Weston says these are great to have on hand, although I have yet to use mine.  They, too, are a lot cheaper than black beans in the grocery story.


  1. Ahhh I heard about this cookie butter! MUST. TRY.

  2. For a taste sensation - try Seaside Smoked Cheddar with Valpolicella, or better yet, Amarone