Monday, July 2, 2012

Vegan Beauty and Some Other Exciting Environmental News

Sometimes it's okay to treat yourself.  Last night was one of those nights.  I'm back in Ann Arbor, spending my days walking all over and seeing what's the same and what's changed.  I passed by the Aveda Institute and had the sudden urge to have something relaxing done.  I called up my good friend, Alyssa, and scheduled us both for appointments.  I originally signed up for a manicure, but then decided I could shape and cut my nails myself and I don't really care about the massaging lotions and soaks and things, so I changed it to a polish change.

Here's a little info on the Aveda Institute - in case you're not familiar with it.  All the cosmotologists are Aveda students and their work is overseen by a certified Aveda instructor.  I personally have never been brave enough to get a haircut there, but the spa services are always wonderful.  Since they are students, you aren't allowed to tip them - which can be weird because they are all so friendly and definitely deserve it :) I don't know if every service comes with a free product, but I do know all nail services come with a free bottle of polish. Considering each bottle is $10 retail, and my polish change cost $15, it was a really good deal.

I learned a few interesting things about Aveda while talking to my manicurist: the first was that some nail polish brands use fish scales and beetle carcasses to make their polish sparkle! I would never have thought of that...I thought they used actual sparkles. The Aveda brand products are touted to be almost completely all natural, but I haven't done much research on that, so I'd appreciate any knowledge you readers might have on the subject.

The nail polish brand at my Ann Arbor Aveda had changed over to a brand called SPA Rituals. SPA Rituals nail lacquer is a vegan brand of nail polish!  I had never heard of such a thing and was kind of skeptical about, was it going to work as well as the smelly polish I'd known my whole life? Then I got to thinking - this is the year 2012! We should have a way to make our beauty products environmentally friendly and safe to use.  I don't paint my nails all the time, but for the people who do - they really need to be sure they are using products that do their body good.  Or, at the very least, don't harm them.  So, SPA Rituals uses no formaldahyde, DBP, and tolulene.  The colors in their collection are GORGEOUS.  I liked about 10 of them off the bat - very shiny and creamy and powerful.  They have fun names like "Kiss the Cook," "Undercurrent," and "Hidden Reef."  And the polish brush is shorter than other polishes so you have more control when you're painting.  The cap is really easy to open - with grippy ridges and I really liked how thick the base and top-coat were.  I've never purchased either, but am seriously considering it so I can do some at-home nail care.  All in all, I find the brand very zen (love the color names) and I like how they broke into a niche - environmentally friendly beauty products.  Oh! One of the best parts about my nail experience was the fact that SPA Rituals doesn't smell icky! That horrific alcohol smell that makes you dizzy was not there at all.  Always a plus to walk around and not smell polish for the next 3 days.