Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Year In Updates

  1. It's almost been a year since my last post. Guilt factor 9 out of 10. I had to take some time off to study and focus on career goals.
  2. I was starting to hate myself for being "that" person - you know, the one who sticks their camera in your food. I needed to get back to my roots. 
  3. Posting twice a week was a little much for my schedule and I want to post quality, not quantity. So, starting this week I'll be writing 1/week or bi-weekly. 
  4. Speaking of quality, notice more stories about the absolutely amazing friends I've made here. 
  5. Restaurant reviews are going to be featured a little more seeing as I BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR this summer and am not chained to my apartment or at the mercy of others' palates.
  6. To kick off the new blog, I've re-vamped the cover page so it's a little fresher and more polished.
Look for new recipes soon - lots of love!