Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finding Home

Today I don't have a foodie post for you - partially because I haven't been doing much "intense" cooking and partially because I've been in Ann Arbor eating at my favorite restaurants.

Some of the highlights for the Ann Arborites:
    Sadako for sushi (including the best eel rolls I've ever had)
    Shalimar for Murgh Makhini with garlic naan (also some of the best I've ever had)
    Bubble Island (I recommend a good fusion tea with mango juice and lycee jellies)
    Dom Bakeries (a little ways out but open 24 hours and they made the best doughnuts in town)
    Pizza House (FETA STICKS!!!)

This impromptu trip to Michigan was part of a plan to surprise my mama for Mother's Day which went over quite well considering my family has a hard time keeping secrets.

I spent a few days in Atlanta, Georgia before driving up and I had fried green tomatoes for the first time in my life.  I surprised myself by actually enjoying them - even though they were deep fried and I can't handle a lot of that.  Not sure they'll be a must-have but it was something different.

I've been trying really hard NOT to eat like there's no tomorrow.  Just enough to be almost full and to wait before going back for seconds.  I think it's going pretty well, although I am excited to get back to the gym every day.  Bittersweet excitement though because that means leaving everyone I love in Michigan.  As much as I love Richmond, I truly feel like I've left a piece of myself in A2.

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