Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Fast Is Over!

The post fast, that is.

I am happy to announce, dear readers that Hell Week - or shall I say WEEKS - is/are over.  I can now get back to some regular blogging...

Imagine my surprise when I got on Blogger to write this and low and behold the whole dang thing has changed!  The formatting is all wackadoo. It's cleaner - which I like.  But the picture uploading options are different and I'm not used to the new button locations.  It took me a good 30 seconds to figure out how to add a new post.  True story.

I thought it might be nice to start off with a little idea of what I've been subsisting on these last few days.  I know full well exams usually mean eating habits go out the window.  Students stay up late meaning they get hungry late.  And they're usually hungry for comfort food: chocolate, pizza, soda.  Not a good thing, people.  I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to hit the gym every day so I made sure I ate healthy.

I whipped up a huge batch of fajita toppings and fillings the weeks before everything hit so I could eat it throughout the week.  A friend from class also brought me a ton of fresh mint which I used to make turkey burgers.  More on that later.

Here's the recipe for the fajitas: very easy and very quick.  I will say that they were elevated to another level of awesome with this ingredient. I first heard about harissa over on Stephanie's blog and knew I had to try it.  On my last trip to Whole Foods, one of the Cava Mezze reps was actually there and I got to try it.  Man is it good.  The flavor is crazy good - it's spicy and got a great tomato texture.  I wanted to try some of their other dips but there were a lot of people around and I didn't want to monopolize the rep's time. One of the main ones I want to be sure to check out is the feta spread because you know I love me some good salty, creamy feta.

What You Need:

1 pound of any meat - I used flank steak
1 red onion, chopped into large pieces
1 bell pepper

1 bunch cilantro, chopped
baby tomatoes sliced in half
pepper jack cheese

sour cream

What You Do:

Cook the meat off with your choice of spices: I used paprika, chili powder, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Set aside.

Fry the bell pepper and the red onion in a little oil then set that aside as well.

Fry your tortilla, pile on the toppings and dinner is served!

Simple, right?  Toldya :)

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