Monday, April 23, 2012

The First Meal

Let's talk breakfast.  My absolute favorite meal of the day.  Eat the right thing and you feel balanced up until the time comes to wrap yourself in the covers before bed.  Eat the wrong thing and you're groggy, guilty, and uncomfortably queasy.  True story.

During the week I tend to split breakfast into two meals.  This helps me from feeling too full and it keeps me awake to snack during class :)

I'll start off with a yogurt or ricotta cheese with honey.  Then, about an hour later I might eat a little granola bar or half a banana.

Or some gorgeous grapefruit.  Grapefruit is one of my favorite things to have in the refrigerator.  It takes a while to peel and de-seed, but it's totally worth it because it has tons of Vitamin C, is hardly every sour, and fills me up during those times when I want a little more to eat but don't want to go back for seconds (i.e. around 9 at night when I know I'll be up for another 2 hours studying).

On the weekends I usually eat something a little more indulgent for breakfast...but I start eating much later in the day.  If I wake up at 9, I wait till 10 or 11 and have some granola or a breakfast burrito (filled with eggs and maybe a little cheese).  Nothing too sweet and nothing too strong (like a cinnamon bun or cilantro).

If I know I'll be eating a heavy meal in the morning - for instance, a brunch at Perly's - I have a small piece of fruit an hour before going and eat only half of the meal.  You can always eat more LATER.  Most of us are fortunate enough that we know the moment we get hungry, we can open the cupboards and find something to eat.  Why do so many people treat every meal like it's the last one they'll ever have?

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