Monday, May 23, 2011

Giovanni's and Chicken Fiesta: Part Deux

Weston came to RVA today - yay! Soooo nice to see him in person and not through video chat.

After revealing to him a surprise I'd been working on for about a week (a DVD compilation of our past photos and videos), we went for a nice walk and did a little shopping. Thank you for my pretty celebratory dress, honey! Oh yes, I also took him to Chicken Fiesta and he was in absolute heaven.

After returning home we were exhausted from the heat and walking around, so we watched a little Law and Order and then headed out to try Giovanni's once more. You can read my first encounter with this wonderful establishment here. The experience was, as before, very very delicious (and affordable). This time we chose the combination of Italian sausage, sun dried tomatoes, and feta cheese.

This past week I've been trying really hard to be mindful of how much I eat, not so much what I eat, since I don't really believe in depriving myself. I wanted to share a little tip passed on to me from my Weight Watchers years: when eating out, it's important to keep in mind portions. You typically are paying for 2 portions when you go out, so ask for a clean plate and serve yourself what you normally might eat at home: this way you aren't tempted to overeat, even by accident. Remember, you can always take some home for a second or third meal.

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