Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pita Pita!

Guess who's back in Michigan?!? Now my lovely RVA readers can read about the wonderful cuisine to be found in another town. My return to MI kicked off with a trip to Pita Pita! - a Mediterranean grill in Ypsilanti. My sister had a dentist appointment so my mom took her there after and, of course, they brought some leftovers back for me.

They got one of the delish chicken pita rolls - the garlic sauce is off-the-charts good (there is no cucumber but it is similar in taste to a really garlicky tzatziki) - to this day I can't figure out what they put in it: garlic, Greek yogurt, and sour cream I think... Here is a recipe - it looks like what Pita Pita! uses, but I haven't tried making it before. They marinate the chicken in a great blend of spices and retain the juiciness of the meat. To the roll they add a few slices of pickle and tomato along with the sauce and chicken. Oh it's so good!!! My mom said she's going to have them cater my sister's graduation party.

My sister got the baba ganoush and hummus plate served with pita and a lemony parsley salad. The hummus was good, but the baba ganoush was the most amazing thing EVER. I think they grill the eggplant first - and they find a way to make the mixture really smooth. I could eat it forever.

Sorry, no pics this time, but I'll take some at the party!

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