Monday, March 21, 2011

Fiesta Time! (this isn't what you think it is)

Some of the best things I have ever eaten I never would have known about had it not been for word-of-mouth. Kuba Kuba, Tastebuds, and Bev's come to mind. Chicken Fiesta, on Broad Street, is my latest addition to the list.

I don't exactly know where to begin - let's start with a little back story. I heard about Chicken Fiesta from a friend in my program and so we, along with another food-loving friend, decided to plan a trip over after class one day. I owe my friends a lot, since I'd have no means of getting to these places without their offers of transportation.

Chicken Fiesta is in a little strip mall and a bit unassuming. To be completely honest, I would never have gone in had I not heard such good things; the chicken on the front looks a little, um, chain-store-esque... The place is super chill - wooden tables and benches and a food counter to order. When you walk in, there is a rotisserie chicken fire pit and this, my dears, is why Chicken Fiesta has such a great reputation.

I don't know what the spice rub is, but their chicken is sinful. The skin is crisp and flavorful and so is the chicken meat itself. It's not low-cal for sure, and your fingers turn shiny moments after you pick it up, but we all deserve a treat once in a while. I ordered a half chicken which came with 2 sides and it cost a little over $8. The sandwiches are about the same price and quite tasty - my friend let me try some of hers. Side note: Emilija, thank you so much for always letting me sample for blogging purposes.

So, as far as sides go, I got the pinto beans and yucca fries, which the reviews were raving about. They did not lie - I am hooked on yucca fries. So crispy on the outside, a nice soft interior, and more filling than you'd think. The beans had huge chunks of slow-roasted pork and were super flavorful. Chicken Fiesta is also known for a famous yellow sauce which comes in a tiny dipper container. It was really yummy, but I think it might have been mayo and Dijon - with a little citrus, maybe lemon. But who knows, it was delish. And they also gave a little green chili sauce which I was a HUGE fan of. We also got a side of plantains which were sweet and had a little crust, just the way I like them! I could have eaten a whole plate of them, but I contained myself.

So, I realized I basically just broke down a really, really good "fast food" restaurant, but hopefully I convinced you to try it for yourself - and feel free to take me with you ;)


  1. Sheila, the yellow and green sauce don't hold a candle to the orange sauce (they are kind of protective of it) because it uses a pepper that can only be found in South America.

  2. Thanks for the tip - I'll be sure to ask for it next time!