Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cafe Caturra

Cafe Caturra is a cute little cafe tucked away near the University of Richmond campus. I'd heard about it for the longest time and finally was able to venture over that-a-way and sample some of their offerings. I decided to try their Curry Chicken Salad and upon first bite, I was incredibly impressed.  The balance of heat and sweet was perfect.  It was absolutely delicious.  So delicious I wanted the recipe and also so delicious I knew they wouldn't give it to me.  I tried anyway...

The only thing I wasn't so keen on was the texture.  It was a little too mealy for me.  I like to actually taste pieces of chicken in my chicken salad.  It's a preference thing, so not a deal-breaker - just a reason to experiment at home and eat lots of Cafe Caturra chicken salad in the meantime! Whole Foods uses giant chunks of chicken in their salad which I love!  There's is extremely heavy on the mayo, though, so that stops me from eating it. I'd definitely take this over WF because the flavor is just so perfect.

The following is for my own benefit as much as yours, because I wanted to jot down some of the ingredients I could pick out: curry, sugar, golden raisins, turmeric (that's why it has a yellowish hue), salt, pepper, mayo, and I believe celery.

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