Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Persian in Chicago

I wanted to just give a recap of our summer Chicago trip.  I realize it was months ago, but there was a wonderful restaurant we went to and I think it's worth a post sharing it's locations.

First, above you will find a sandwich my mom made which was so delicious I think Panera should pay her some royalties and snag the recipe! She used their Asiago Foccacia and layer in turkey, spicy lettuce, tomato slices, and pepper-jack cheese.  Slather on a thin coating of mayo and you've got yourself something delish for any car ride.

The following pictures are from one of our favorite restaurants, Reza's.  It's the place to go if you're in Chicago and you're Persian.  We always start out with an appetizer of eggplant spread with kefir (Kashkeh Bodemjan). They always start you with a little paneer and curly parsley with radish salad.  You also get a yummy Persian tomato lentil soup.

We like to get the Kabob Sultani (filet mignon and ground beef kabob) and the Juje Kabob (chicken thighs).  Both come with your choice of plain saffron rice or dill rice.  I personally like the plain and even though I'm not a rice-lover, this is one plate I make an exception for.  They always serve grilled onions and tomatoes on the side, a typical Persian side.

Sorry the pictures aren't very good.  It was dark and my iPhone doesn't have a flash.  But you can visit any Reza location and enjoy the food in person!

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