Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Photo Mash

As I said, Weston came in for the weekend and lots of tasty meals were eaten. The first night he came in we went to one of our favorite restaurants: Sensi. I ordered the New York Strip instead of the Ribeye by mistake (I was just too excited) and found that I actually prefer the Strip - it's a much leaner cut of meat so I didn't have to waste a bit. I ordered mine on the lamp chop dressing - meaning they use the same spices as they do on the lamb dish. Typically, good restaurants will let you do this since you're just switching combinations, not the main dish itself. I was really happy with the result. Weston got the fish special which was also quite divine. I have to say, the service was the best it's ever been. Although that might have been because Weston had a glass of prosecco waiting for me at the table when we got there...

The next morning I took my leftover meat, sliced it up, and made some quick scrambled eggs for a "steak and eggs" brunch.

We also went back to Frostings to sample a few more cupcakes.

Red Velvet, German chocolate, French Toast (with sugared bacon), Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Strawberry. All were incredibly good and I was impressed with the fact that each flavor actually tasted different - something I found lacking at Georgetown Cupcake

The Strawberry and Red Velvet were my favorites - especially since the strawberry cupcake was filled with some yummy concoction of rhubarb (I think). I'm a sucker for rhubarb and a sucker for filled cupcakes.

We also went to Maggiano's for a birthday dinner for my friend, Lauren which was a blast because I got to spend some time with classmates outside of the lab - and I was finally able to introduce Weston to everybody :)

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