Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bachelorette Extravaganza!!!

This past weekend I celebrated my friend, Vicky's, last night as a single lady (well, technically, the wedding is in a couple weeks, so not exactly LAST) It was my very first bachelorette party and Vicky's Maid of Honor did a great job planning fun activities and arranging an enormous limo to drive us around.

I offered to make the food for the party - and I think everything was very tasty - judging by the fact that we brought the brownies with us on the road.

I made a non-mayo based potato salad (as per Vicky's preference over one swimming in mayonnaise) with boiled Yukons, red onion, tarragon, and a vinaigrette of lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper, and dijon mustard.

Chicken salad was my take on Waldorf - I added chopped walnuts and green grapes. Instead of a creamy dressing, I just made a quick sauce of olive oil and lemon juice. I think I threw in a little Parmesan dressing that I found in Vicky and Dan's fridge. Normally I use a mix of mayo and sour cream, but improvising yielded a new recipe.

An antipasto platter was on the menu:

and Vicky's fiance, Dan, picked up some wonderful cheese selections from Whole Foods to add to the spread. I threw out the wrappers without documenting their names :( But one had a black peppercorn crust and it was DIVINE. I am going to look for it next time I visit the store.

For dessert, some decadent brownie bites - undercooked a little so they stayed gooey - topped with homemade whipped cream and a raspberry. Raspberries are so fun and cheerful. They are packed with vitamins (most berries are) and they always make me think of a fancy celebrations.

The evening was a huge success and quite memorable...ish :) So glad I could be there, Vicky - you were a beautiful bachelorette!

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