Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer-y Sangira

I call this sangria - I am sure it's not "original" sangria. But it's tasty and refreshing - perfect at brunch or to sip on the patio with friends or a good book.

This makes a lot, so cut down on the wine if you aren't serving a large crowd:

3 bottles Zinfandel - or any light and fruity wine that you like to drink
2 oranges
1 green apple
3 Tbs sugar

Slice the oranges and slightly squeeze the juice into a giant Tupperware, then add the orange slices. Chop the apple and add that as well. Pour in the wine and add the sugar. Keep in the fridge till ready to serve.

I made this about 1 day in advance and the orange and apple really came through in the wine. I topped it off with bubbly water and/or Sprite according to the tastes of the person drinking it.

It's a cute gift, too - just ladle into a canning jar and garnish with the sliced oranges. The apples taste like pure alcohol so don't eat those...

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