Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simple Snacking: Caramel Corn

This is a recipe for all the friends and boyfriends who watch their cook/bake - ing friends and think, "That looks wayyyy too complicated."

The other day, while I went for a late-night workout I returned home to the most amazing aroma of butter and sugar. That could only mean one thing: caramel sauce. But I hadn't made any so who could be the producer of such a wonderful concoction? That's right, y'all - my BF, Weston :) Honey, I am so proud of you! See, you CAN cook!!!

The recipe he used was taken from a website, but we suggest throwing some peanuts or pecans in before putting it in the oven. Then when it comes out and has cooled, add chocolate chips or butterscotch chips, or toffee bits, or M&Ms...you get the picture. But it is truly divine as-is.

In case you don't want to click over to the recipe, here it is!

Weston also added a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon - good call on his part because these two spices really make a dish so warm and comforting.

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