Saturday, March 21, 2015

Boston Bites

Gosh, I love alliteration...

Last week I was in Boston for a research conference and wanted - nay, needed - to share a few places with you. If you ever find yourself in Massachusetts (or more specifically Boston proper), get yourself to these locales ASAP:

1) Mistral (pronounced Mistraaaal - okay, I'm not good with phonetics) - pricey but worth it. Here, I had the best mushroom bisque of my life. It was full of wild mushrooms and came in a piping hot crock covered with puff pastry (see below, not my photo because I devoured it too quickly). I died. They also have a pear croustade which was, in the waiter's words "extraterrestrial." It was. I've never had pear caramel sauce but somehow they managed to infuse intense pear flavor without having the caramel seize.

2) Thinking Cup: coolest coffee shop ever and the macaroons are pretty fantabulous. Also located next to Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury Street: Plus. Plus-plus.

3) Finagle a Bagel: The name of course is what got me. Yummy breakfast sammies and super affordable. Bagels aren't as mind-blowing as Bodo's in Charlottesville, but bagel sandwiches are my life so I'm not complaining.

4) Flour: Go. Here. My lovely friend who's an ortho resident at Tufts brought be here and there aren't enough words to describe how much I loved it. With a name like "flour," they had a lot to live up to. We shared a delicious sticky bun and two sandwiches. The filling pairings were unexpected but perfect: think, sweet potato with walnut pesto?? Yes? Yes. By the way, how cute is their logo?

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