Thursday, December 11, 2014

I have a theory...

...that every 3-4 years your life gets turned upside down and you have to re-group.

Last week I learned I will be moving to Iowa for 2 years. I am actually extremely excited about this (despite the numerous jabs about corn fields and tractors)... but with the excitement comes that queasy feeling. The one regimented people such as myself get when the word "change" enters a sentence. This lovely city has been mine for 5 years. My room has held so many tears and cheers and while I gripe about the horrible Virginia drivers and sweltering summers, I can't deny the fact that Richmond has been "home." And now I will be leaving.

I wanted to highlight a couple places I've tried lately, so that perhaps some young girl, fresh out of undergrad can stumble upon this post and figure out her eating situation for the night. Or not...let's be real - I'm really writing this post so I can reminisce about "that random time Rini and I NEEDED pizza" or "I was bored, anxious, and wanted to treat myself."

Lamplighter Roasting Co: Coffee houses say a lot about a city. I love local coffee and I think the vibe of a coffeeshop sets the tone for the area. Lamplighter delivers excellent coffee made by hipster baristas with purple hair. Very Richmond and I love it - they also have cool daily specials like "The Golden Latte" with ginger and turmeric.

8 1/2 Pizza: Actually, this is a full Italian restaurant but it's too small to actually sit down and dine in. I always get pizza from here, though - it's super flavorful without weighing you down. They truly understand the philosophy behind "less is more." This breakfast pizza has 4 ingredients which really pack a punch. And they make everything so fast you literally only have to wait as long as it takes for you to get from your apartment to their establishment to eat it.

Pasture: When Pasture opened up down the street from me, it was The Cool Kid on the Block for sure. The head chef here aimed to create a menu featuring only local ingredients and he's kept his promise years later. I especially love their hand-crafted cocktails which never disappoint. Speaking of never disappointing - Pasture has the best burger in town. Singular: they only have one on the menu but they do it perfectly. And Pasture is the only place I've dined at which actually gives you a true medium rare (not some overdone variation) - and they make their own pickles. This is a big deal because I loooove me some pickles! The french fries are also pretty fabulous - and they give you just the right amount.

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