Saturday, March 17, 2012

Southern Hospitality Has Rubbed Off On Me

It's always nice meeting new people and earlier this week I met a really cool visitor from Seattle, Washington. It was his last night in Richmond and I felt super bad that he hadn't gotten a chance to see what an amazing foodie town we live in. So I invited him for dinner and decided Kuba Kuba would best showcase our glorious food scene.

Weston had just come in from Ann Arbor and so the three of us sat down at one of the rickety tables, ordered a beer (I discovered I'm quite fond of the Sierra Nevada), and chatted about our home states.

As I'm sure you all know, I always order the Cuban sandwich when I come here. Always. I try and get up the nerve to order something else, but can't do it because I know I'll be craving the sandwich a day later. This time I did it. This time I changed my order...for this guy:

The Pork Shank

It's huge, it's tasty, it's something to be reckoned. The amount of meat on this thing is impressive and I loved how they serve it on a bed of cannellini beans. If you haven't given it a try, I highly suggest you do.

Weston also went outside his usual order and got the Cuban Roast Pork with Black Beans and rice. The pork gets a 10/10. The rice a 6/10. It was a little mushy and the flavors weren't as bold as they usually are. I think it's because they'd had to make a second batch in the middle of the day and it hadn't been cooking as long. The pork has a great spice combo on it, almost briny. We shredded it and sauced it in a yummy homemade BBQ sauce the next day for a most delectable pulled pork sandwich.

At the end of the visit our guest seemed thoroughly impressed with Richmond and Weston and I had decided that a trip to Seattle is in our near future. That city seems terrific!!!!

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