Thursday, March 22, 2012

Frostings Cupcake Bakery

Cupcakes are pretty important in the dessert world. Back home, I know exactly where to go when I want my fix, but I haven't found a place here in Richmond. (see last post for a recap of some Georgetown cupcakes). The shops in Carytown have not impressed me: their cupcakes have looked dry and puny. But upon venturing out a little ways (to Short Pump), I think I found the answer to my cupcake prayers.

I've driven by Frostings a dozen times and never gone in. The other day, thanks to a spurt of spontaneity, I decided to stop by before grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I initially intended to go in, scope the place out, and leave. But I was the only customer, the place is small, and the lady at the front counter was so friendly that I felt leaving without a treat would be just plain wrong.

The lady was sweet and engaging - she told me Red Velvet was the cupcake they hang their hat on, so I decided to get one of the those. What's interesting is you can get it with a cream cheese or a buttercream frosting. Since I know cream cheese is the traditional way, I decided to go for that. One look at the cake told me I was in for something good: it had that sheen that only the most tender and moist cakes have.

THEN the lady tells me Frostings has been on Cupcake Wars: and was a semifinalist! I look up and am embarrassed by my own idiocy...right above my head is a banner that says "Cupcake Warriors." I am so, so proud to be living here, I must say.

I got home and tried my best not to devour the whole thing in one fell swoop. This required some restraint, I must say. The cake was absolutely delicious - not overly sweet and not dry at all. The frosting was dense and creamy - and there was a lot of it. I'm not a huge frosting person, but I appreciated them not being skimpy.

The red in this picture is a little exaggerated because of the lighting; I didn't taste anything artificial in the cake at all. And I feel awful that my picture isn't representing the cuteness of the cupcake because it a) took a little tumble in the box and b) I got halfway through eating it before I thought to take another picture.

I know I'll be back and I'm so happy I finally found a cupcake place in Richmond that makes me smile.

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