Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mexican in Richmond: Margaritas Cantina

So I am only going to write this once because it's really hard for me to re-live: I have officially lost my camera. I am basically devastated but am trying to remember things are just things and so I shouldn't get hung up on this. So, while I save up the money to get a new one, please excuse the iPhone photos if they turn out a little grainy. Anyone have a good recommendation for a camera with good close-up imaging? I had a Cannon and really liked it but I found this feature wasn't the best, but maybe it was my model.

Now, on to the exciting news - I got to try this little spot last weekend when one of my girlfriends invited me out for a little dinner to catch up after break and basically enjoy the fact that we didn't have class till 1pm the next afternoon (a very rare thing, indeed).

She was craving Mexican and after she told me so, I also began to crave it. So we got all prettied up and seated ourselves at a cute table by the window. Margarita were a happy hour special so we couldn't pass them up. I got the traditional lime flavor with a salted rim and it was super yummy. Gotta say, I love me a margarita.

I ordered their chimichonga - which I've never had before and was hesitant about ordering because I can't handle things that are deep fried. Why order one, then? Truth is, I was missing Weston a lot and I know he would have loved this. When it came out, I was pleasantly surprised: I think it had been baked! The outside was super crunchy and tasted like those homemade tortilla chips from Whole Foods. Soooo good! The inside was FULL of pork and refried beans and just a touch of cheese. For $12, it really was a great deal since I got two of them and could barely finish one. They served these with sour cream, but when I got home I used Greek yogurt. There's a great substitution I never feel bad about. I also liked how they put a little jalapeno in their rice - it had my mouth and eyes watering, but it was just so gooooood, I couldn't stop eating it. FYI for reheating anything crispy when it's served in the restaurant: preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake it for about 15 minutes - then increase the temp to 400 degrees to crisp it all up.

Reba ordered the chicken fajitas and in terms of fajitas, these were probably the best I've ever had. First off, they served them with corn tortillas which were super yummy. Second, the spices on the chicken were FANTASTIC - a little spicy and a little sweet. They had a nice char or the chicken as well - and Reba got a nice little side plate with refried beans and rice and cheese, I think.

The service here should be mentioned as well: our waitress was very attentive and sweet. She really took pride in the food she served and she clearly loved speaking to the customers.

Although the bill was a little more than I expected (probably because of my massive margarita, which on its own was a great deal), I'd be down for another visit. Hooray! Another place to add to my list of "Local RVA" eateries!


  1. Thank You for all of your kind words about our restaurant!!! I would like to know if I would be able to post this on our own page.

    Thanks Again,
    Margaritas Management

  2. Yes, of course you may use this :)