Sunday, December 18, 2011

RVA Visitor

I'm baaa-aaak :)

Exams are over, whew!, and so is my first semester as a dental student. That isn't such a milestone, I suppose, considering there are about 9 more to go - but I'm happy about it anyways.

Anywho - before going home to Michigan, I was lucky enough to have a visit from my friend, Kristen. I knew her back at MCB, the dorm I lived in at the University of Michigan, and she's just recently moved to Virginia as well. She lives about 2 hours away and was finally able to make it down to Richmond so I could show her a good time.

Her coming here made me realize there are a few places I haven't been to in RVA in a while and so I thought I'd recap the few I took her to for fun:

1) Kuba Kuba: always a goodie and always on my list to take people too. I love the vibe and the food is killer. I think this place exemplifies Richmond eateries: small, intimate locales not bogged down in chain mumbo-jumbo. Walking into Kuba Kuba, you know someone's hard work and sweat goes into making it the best it can be day in and day out. That kind of place is one you want to root for. The picture above was taken while we walked around Kuba Kuba to whet our appetite. My camera was on the the fritz so I couldn't actually get a picture of the food we ordered.

2) Bev's Ice Cream: homemade flavors, creamy, and super cute. I also love that's it's in Carytown so I can stop by Jeane Jacque bakery and For the Love of Chocolate. This chocolate store has every type of chocolate from every place in the world. I love it and I love taking people here and seeing their eyes light up...heck, my eyes light up every time, too. Kristen found Kinder bars and I don't think I've ever seen her so excited :)

3) Anokha - good Indian food in Richmond? For the longest time I couldn't get the name of a good Indian restaurant, but last year when a friend brought me here for their lunch special, I was pleasantly surprised. Their lunch special really is awesome - $9 for soup, entree, and dessert. I always order their okra dish - sometimes it's not on the menu, so you have to ask for it, but it is truly tasty. Kristen had never had okra before and she said she really like it.

4) Perly's: My favorite place in town for breakfast. Hands down. They never disappoint in the quality of their product, their biscuits were voted Best in Richmond (if I remember correctly), and the food comes out quick and hot. Plus I really enjoy the quirky decor and colorful servers.

So there you have it, the food I fall back on when I want to showcase Richmond at it's finest. Tastebuds didn't make the list because it's more a couple-y or romantic evening spot. Same with Sensi, which I still feel has the best risotto in town. Next time, next time.

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