Friday, August 5, 2011

The Ravens Club, The New Kid in Town

My last weeks in Michigan are coming to an end but before leaving I wanted to try one restaurant new to the Ann Arbor Restaurant Scene - The Ravens Club. This restaurant was touted by my cousins as being flavor forward and local ingredient friendly.

I went with a couple friends (we were kicking off a weekend of shopping, movies, dancing, and yummy food - I honestly felt like they were my sisters by the end of it). The Ravens Club has two menus, actually - their normal dinner and their small plates menu. The dinner menu is swapped out for their small plates menu at 10pm. This second menu, in theory, is a really good idea - it serves interesting bar food at affordable prices. We ordered lamb meatballs with green olives, pommes frites with rosemary and sea salt, and pork belly crostini. The menu literally had me drooling - but none of the dishes lived up their descriptions. And for the price - almost $15 a person (what you see pictured above is all the food we got), none of us were very happy. The $15 was including a mug of beer/organic hard cider which, I will say, was quite tasty.

I've been told the entrees are very yummy here but unless I hear multiple raving reviews on a particular dish, I am not sure I'll be back for the food. All in all - I was very excited, but left disappointed...and a little hungry.

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