Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Cupcakes in Ann Arbor

If you're looking for cupcakes in Ann Arbor, Michigan, there are two options besides going to the grocery store and purchasing one of those, umm, is "nasty" too strong of a word...things in the "Bakery" section.

The first is a legit bakery specializing in specialty cakes called Cake Nouveau. I have had their cupcakes, way back when, maybe 2 years ago and I didn't like them very much. The cake wasn't fluffy, but dense, dry, and had that taste of having been frozen and then thawed out. Their frosting wasn't great either - it was fluffy, which I love, but the flavor didn't taste real. But maybe they've changed their strategy since then. I looked them up online and saw that they only do cupcakes Friday and Saturday, so it's clear they focus on their cakes. I sampled a slice of their cake, too, and, while beautiful, I didn't think it's flavor was very good, either. My opinion; I know others who'd disagree. I just hate feeling like I am eating a puffball - cake should be dense and flavorful. FYI: The owner, Courtney Clark, has won quite a few awards for her decorated cakes and has been on Food Network Challenge a few times. After watching the episodes, I was really turned off by some of the things she said and the way she acted. That, coupled with the under-delivery of the cupcakes led to my decision to stop going to the shop.

The pictures above and below are from my latest trip to The Cupcake Station. It is a Michigan only chain - they have about 4 locations. This place I love! It is a true cupcake shop - they have about 14+ kinds of cupcakes daily, all sitting in a glass case. The decorations are cute and detailed and they keep making fresh cupcakes throughout the day so you always get the flavor you want. Seriously, they need to expand because I have never, ever found a cupcake to match their quality and satisfying, lip-smacking buttercream. Even at the Magnolia Bakery in New York, I found the cream a bit too sweet. My fav flavor is Bumpy Cake, a Michigan treat which I'll save for another post. They stuff a lot of their cupcakes with frosting, too, so you always have a nice ratio of cake-to-cream. And the decor is sooo pretty: they have giant pictures of cupcakes lining the walls. I contacted the store manager to get the name of who did them, but haven't gotten around to purchasing one for my own room. The Cupcake Station does yummy bars and cookies, too. They also offer Vegan cupcakes and puddings. And every day of the week there is a special. At $2.50 a cupcake, this place is affordable and extremely satisfying. I can never buy just one...

Peanut Butter and Bumpy Cake

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