Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Weekend in Baltimore

This weekend Weston and I attended a beautiful wedding in Wilmington, Delaware.

But first we traveled down to Baltimore to see his brother and his brother's fiancee. They took us to an amazing local deli/market called Atwaters.

I got, um, a lot of food - totally by accident because I didn't know the portions would be so big. Luckily Weston was open to sharing.

We started with a nice and refreshing bowl of gazpacho - it wasn't too heavy on the olive oil and the flavor was excellent. Not like a Bloody Mary in a bowl and they clearly made it fresh for the day because the veggies were super crisp.

For my main entree I ordered a golden beet salad with butter lettuce, asparagus, a boiled egg, and extra goat cheese. The dressing was a dill vinaigrette which complimented the rest of the ingredients perfectly. And the top was sprinkled with roasted pistachios - yummy! I have to say, they were VERY liberal with the goal cheese - something I greatly appreciate since I love it so much. And the butter lettuce was fresh and delicious. Hmm, what else did I have? Oh! The chicken salad!

They put in golden raisins and grapes and it wasn't full of mayo like a lot of recipes. The flavors were spot on and they hadn't mashed the chicken into a pulp either.

Weston had a sandwich: grilled chicken, chimichurri sauce, red cabbage slaw, homemade olive tapenade, and a couple slices of cheddar cheese on a cheddar scone.

Nothing was too heavy or overpowering - the perfect evening meal.

We also took some time to revisit the Loch Raven Reservoir in Towson - so pretty :)

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