Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secret Ingredient...

Usually I am the chocolate chip cookie maker in my house and my sister handles the peanut butter. But I needed to thank some friends for driving me to the airport so I decided to try my hand at spicing up the good ole JIF recipe. Just go to GOOGLE and type in JIF peanut butter cookies and the recipe will show up - or look under the paper wrapper on your peanut butter jar. The trick to making these taste special is to add a couple tablespoons of cream cheese to the batter. Seriously, try it! The cream cheese adds a little tang which is just delightful. I got this idea because a) I am kinda weird and sometimes mix cream cheese and peanut butter on my bagels and b) I didn't have enough butter to make the recipe in the first place. So there you go - your handy trick for the day.

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