Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sushi Lovers - I Need a Place to Go for My Birthday

Does anyone know a good sushi restaurant I can try?
I love eel rolls, so if those are a specialty, that's a definite plus.
Thank you!


  1. we just tried on friday momotaro sushi, and my wife and i both really enjoyed it. we got the "dinner for 2," (miso, salad, three rolls (two house, one specialty) and sake) for $28. i had the eel roll, and it wasn't special, but the naruto roll we had was really great (it was tuna, and salmon and used cucumber instead of seaweed).. we both said we would go back just for that.

  2. i forgot:

  3. I love Mai Sushi. Moshi Moshi is good also.

  4. I love sushi - a consistent fav ( and they do awsome eel/dragon/specialty rolls) is:

    Osaka Sushi @ River Road
    5023 Huguenot Rd.
    Richmond, VA, 23226
    Phone: (804)288-8801

    they also have great apps, the squid salad is yum.

    Also Ichiban has great rolls and sashimi

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions! I can't wait to get going on trying these places.

  6. just found your blog and wanted to say welcome to richmond! i've lived here all my life and spent many years in the fan area of town - can't wait to see your foodie adventures! if you're out in the west end of town i'd highly recommend trying sushi at kenji - we love it. also anokha has some fabulous Indian cuisine & if you like mediterranean food - check out 2M Mediterranean Market off Staples Mill, we just discovered this and their hummus/cheese pies/tabbouleh/grape leaves are all amazing!