Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Richmond - A Town for Foodies

Well, dear readers, I have officially moved to Richmond, Virginia. Wow. Let's soak that in , shall we? I always said I wanted to live in a big city and boy did I find one. Each street has a different atmosphere, the people are wonderful, and it's always sunny. I think I'll fit in here, but I am still anxious about the future...

I am making it my mission to leave this city knowing at least a dozen good food joints. I really think the food tells a lot about a city and from the looks of it, Richmond is a very eclectic place.

Yesterday I got the name of a good place to eat from a nice lady in my leasing office. Random, right? Not so much - people here are really proud of their city and love sharing it with out-of-towners. The place was called Jamaica House and you can check out their location/reviews here. We had their Island Fried Chicken and Curried Goat. I really loved how the food was served over rice and beans AND with a crunchy salad. It made for a great textural profile. And the flavors had really developed because we ordered the curry later in the day, so it had all day for the flavors to meld together. The portions were HUGE and tasty and made fresh on site and right when you order. KFC doesn't cut it, guys. This fried chicken was bangin' ;) - wayyy better than anything I've ever had in Michigan - but then again, I still haven't tried homemade fried chicken, which I am sure is a totally different beast all together. Their website is http://jamaicahouseonline.com/ - you can see some pictures there.

If you have any suggestions on where I should head next, let me know!



  1. Welcome to Richmond! We've been here about a year and love the food scene compared to where we used to live. A few of my favorites are Aziza's on Main (lunch has a lot of variety, dinner we enjoy their wood-fired pizzas, don't miss the cream puff), Sprout in the Fan, and Acacia for special occasions/nights out. If you drink, Bobby Kruger at Julep's on the weekends is the best bartender/mixologist I've ever had the pleasure of sipping drinks from; the cocktails are made from scratch and fabulous. I heard he is somewhere else on Wednesday nights now, but I am not sure where.

    Enjoy your exploration of Richmond!

  2. Wow - thanks, Cindy! All those places look awesome. I passed by Acacia on the way to Kuba Kuba the other day and wondered how it was. I am going to make a list of must-tries and then I'll start trying the other places you mentioned. Once I figure out how to use the buses, that is :)

  3. Welcome to Richmond! I moved here 5 years ago and I love it more and more each year!

  4. Welcome! Acacia is super and their craft cocktails are lovely. Cafe Rustica is also a favorite as well as Tastebuds. Happy eating! And don't forget about the local farmers markets!

  5. Thank you for the warm welcomes - I have loved my first few days here and can't wait to make new friends who I can drag all over to try these amazing places :) Yes, I want to try Farmer's Markets - we had a really awesome one in Ann Arbor so I look forward to checking out the ones here.