Friday, July 23, 2010

The Cuisine of the Petoskey Area

When I started this blog, I planned to write abut my own food, and the food I discover on my travels. But...I am a poor college kid with a full-time summer job, so there aren't many "trips" except ones to my home 20 minutes away.

Happily, as part of my internship program, I was able to go Up North for the first time EVER this week and I was absolutely blown away by the amazing food I was served. The flavor combinations played so well off each other and I am incredibly excited to share my findings with you!
1) Morels - Are the jewel of Up North - they pair well with a nice, local red-wine and as part of a cream sauce served over beef.

2) Cherries - It's common knowledge that we Michiganians are famous for this tree fruit. Eat them fresh for ultimate enjoyment, or throw a few dried cherries into your next batch of oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies.

3) Fresh Produce - Is meant to be eaten as-is; don't dress it up in a pie or chopped into a crazy salsa. Instead, add ingredients that bring out the natural flavors and enjoy them simply. For example, strawberries drizzled with a little balsamic makes for an amazing breakfast.

4) Walleye and Whitefish - Both, when in-season, are light and flaky and taste non-fishy, a true sign of their exceptional quality.

5) Moomers Ice Cream - Unbeknowst to me, this is a local Traverse City favorite. I was given the opportunity to try some and it was all it was rumored to be - flavorful and custard-creamy. Their newest flavor is called "Yum." In the words of Ina Garten, "Now, how bad can that be?"

This week I witnessed the true beauty of Michigan. I can see now why hoards of Michiganians flock Up North once summer arrives. The breeze off the water, the locals who never rush you for decisions, the calming sound of tree leaves tinkling, all make for a most relaxing getaway. I am truly grateful for the experience to enjoy this area and meet the lovely people who live there.

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