Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Restaurant Week and Random Updates

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Hello all!

Don't think I've forgotten you - I just have been actively stopping myself from baking because although my taste buds get happy, my waistline does not.

Tuesday I made a delish pasta salad but alas, forgot to take pictures! So I will just have to tell you it was tasty and you'll have to believe me.

I want you all to know that in Ann Arbor, for only a couple more days, is this awesome event called "Restaurant Week" where top restaurants open their doors with a pre-fixed price and semi-fixed menu. Typically, there are 3 options per course and they serve 2 or 3 courses, so this really is a deal. My boyfriend and I went out for a combined graduation/congratulations lunch at an amazing restaurant called The Real Seafood Company. Our first course was the soup course: I had gazpacho and he had New England Clam Chowder. For our entree we were served shrimp in an anise-spiked cream sauce and BBQ salmon. And for dessert we had their take on a strawberry cream puff: puff pastry triangles layers with homemade strawberry whipped cream and drizzled with a strawberry reduction sauce...yum yum yum! Three courses, plus their amazing, buttery bread cost $12/person. On average, we leave there having spent $40 or $50/person (the food is THAT good). So needless to say, we were both happy - especially my bf because he paid...thank you, honey!

Yesterday I tried this really awesome pub called Conor O'Neill's which had an added course of a selection of beers to taste. For this excursion, I went with my good friend and owner of the Patticake blog. We had their take on spinach/artichoke dip (which was tasty and o-so-cheddary), grilled Turkey Reubens, and strawberry rhubarb crumble for dessert.

Check out for a list of participating restaurants and their menus. Let me know how it goes if you visit one :)

Finally, look out for an amazing post Saturday evening (but most likely Sunday morning) because this weekend some girls are coming over for another BAKING DAY!!!! On the menu we have sausage biscuit things (yes, that's their formal name) and shortbread thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam. Get psyched!


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