Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear readers (according to SiteMeter there are a few of you out there),

I want to make a raspberry cheesecake - anyone have a recipe I can work off of?



  1. I always use this recipe:

    And then make alterations with that. In the past, I've chopped up candy bars in there, swirled jam, etc. It's allllways good!

  2. Thank you!!! I can't wait to see how tasty it turns out :)

  3. Screw that (and I like Kraft, I interned with them, and I fully support their company). Here's a lemon ricotta cheesecake that came from my Aunt's husband's mother who is from Italy. You can incorporate any fruit you want-I typically make a "ghetto" like creme anglaise for the top, and simply stud with fresh in- season fruit.

    Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake
    1 lb ricotta chz (full fat is best)
    1 ½ c sugar
    2 oz pkg crm chz (full fat is best)
    4 eggs, beaten
    1/3 cup corn startch
    2 tbl spoons fresh lemon juice and rind
    ½ cup butter, melter
    1 cup sour cream
    1 graham crust (none of that premade crap either-sometimes I mix in nuts and always put in fresh grated nutmeg, cinnamon and a dash of salt)
    Mix in order given, pour into 10 inch spring pan, bake 325 for about 1 hr. Turn off over, open door, and let it set for 2 hrs. Remove after that, and cool. Best the next day.

    Mix some vanilla bean sugar with some sour cream and a splash of milk (preferably heavy cream, but anything BESIDES SKIM or 1% will work). Spread over cheesecake, and top with desired berries.


  4. Annaliese,

    I love your recipes :) I'll be sure to experiment with this one soon!